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Testimonials and Reviews from the University Students:

"I am a current university student that has been going to Param Jyothi Academy for some time now for University Calculus and Linear Algebra. From my time spent there, I have learned a lot and feel confident about my transition from high school to University. I received both 4.0 in Calculus 1 and Linear Algebra thanks to his amazing teaching. The teacher is very friendly and understanding when it comes to teaching his students. He never makes you feel bad for making silly mistakes and takes his time explaining any concepts. As a student, I feel that is an important quality for any teacher. I have improved as student and as a critical thinker while coming here. I definitely recommend any future university students because the teacher 8 years of experience and has taught students from all types of universities like Waterloo to Ryerson."  ---Krish.S.


"I am a future university student and I studied university level Calculus and Linear Algebra at this academy. Having no prior experience in linear algebra coming into the first day, I ended up learning a lot and feeling confident in my skills. The teacher gives plenty of practice to make sure the student does well and does a very good job of explaining the subjects. I would recommend this teacher for any other students."  --- Denorjhan B.


"I am currently a University student, and I went to Param Jyothi Academy for calculus help. I was thought the material in depth and was provided with many examples and practice problems which made things easier when following lectures in class. Going to class made the transition from high school to university much easier, I would recommend this academy to others."
---Hereishanth E.



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